2024 HOA Monthly Assessments

Please ensure your payment system reflects the correct monthly amount as noted below.
For personal bank bill pay, update the payment amount for timely and complete payments.
For ClickPay, adjust the amount to reflect the 2024 monthly rate as shown below or set up automatic payments. If your account is set to pay a specific amount, only you can update it for the 2024 monthly rate.
Assessment coupons will be mailed to owners not enrolled in ClickPay recurring payments. To sign up for ClickPay or make payments, visit www.ClickPay.com/FirstService. Select “pay balance in full” to avoid having to make adjustments for future changes. For assistance, call 888-354-0135 (option 1).

For details of the 2024 Monthly Assessments and Budget, please refer to pages 12-17 in the December 2023 Newsletter, Our Neck of the Woods.

Broadlands 2024 Monthly Assessments

Property Type2024 New2023 Old
Town Homes$120$116
Demott & Silver Town Homes (landscape services)$153$148
Single Family Homes (VDOT streets)$103$99
Single Family Homes (private streets)$124$120
Hillside Single Family Homes (VDOT streets – landscape services)$165$159
Courtyard Homes & HillsideRainer Pl (landscape services)$186$180
Park Glen Villas (landscape services – outside of fenced areas)$142$138
Southern Walk AssessmentsIf you live in the south section of Broadlands, you may be a ‘part of the sub association, Southern Walk at Broadlands. The assessment you pay for SW is for the Verizon Fios contract. Please make sure that the SW HOA assessment and the Broadlands HOA assessment are paid separately to prevent any issues with each account. For all questions related to the SW Verizon assessment, please contact the SWHOA HERE>>$75$75
CONDOS – The following fees are for informational purposes only as they are included when paying your condo association dues. For assessment, refi, or condo related questions, please contact condo manager, please click HERE for condo information:
–Condos (Signature and Villages)
–Condos (Demott & Silver – includes trash & road maintenance)

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