COVID-19 NOTICE (3/30/20) – How the Governor’s Temporary Stay at Home Order Affects Broadlands…

Governor Ralph S. Northam of Virginia has issued a Temporary Stay at Home Order due to the Novel Coronavirus. The order mandates that individuals stay at their place of residence, except as provided for by the order.  The order is effective immediately and will remain in effect until June 10, 2020, unless amended or rescinded by further executive order.  What does this mean for Broadlands Association, Inc. and its residents?  The following is information on how this will impact HOA business and events.  Please note, any or all of these items may be amended if the order is amended or rescinded:

  • The Nature Center, Community Center, Fitness Center will remain closed through June 10.
  • The pools will not open before June 10.
  • The HOA Office will remain closed to walk-in traffic until June 10.  HOA employees are accessible remotely via email or telephone.  Please see for the employee phone and email directory.
  • The tot lots, tennis courts, and basketball courts will remain closed through June 10.  Barriers and No Trespassing signs have been erected on these facilities, but we know people are penetrating or removing the barriers.  While we will routinely monitor the barriers, we may not be able to restore them immediately when damaged. Removal of the barriers and entering these facilities constitutes trespassing.  We are cooperating with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department to enforce No Trespassing on HOA owned property, including playgrounds, basketball, and tennis courts.  If you observe individuals trespassing on HOA owned property, please report this to the Loudoun County non-emergency number at 703-777-1021.
  • The walking trails remain open.  However, social distancing is required.  Per the Executive Order, to the extent individuals use outdoor spaces, they must at all times maintain social distancing of at least six feet from any other person, with the exception of family or household members or caretakers.  We have received complaints regarding people crowding the trails and not keeping the proper six-foot distance.  Please keep the appropriate distance from other trail users and remind children of this order.  The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department will enforce the order against groups of more than ten people gathering.  If you observe individuals gathering in groups of more than ten, please report this to the Loudoun County non-emergency number at 703-777-1021.
  • All community events scheduled through June 10, including the Ladies Night Out Spring Craft Event, Truck and Chalk Show and Art Contest, Spring Yard Sale, Electronics Recycling Event, Blues and Barbecue, Wine Education Event, Middle School Party are canceled or postponed.
  • The April 14 Board of Directors meeting is canceled.
  • The May 5 Annual Meeting of the Membership has been postponed until further notice. Current Board terms will be extended until the 2020 Annual Meeting is convened.
  • The May 12 Board Meeting may be held virtually or postponed.
  • Committee meetings, including Modification Subcommittee, Technology, Events, or others may be held virtually or postponed.
  • Outreach Programs, such as the Plastic Bag Recycling Program and donation collections for charities have been suspended until further notice. Please consider donating directly to these charities. You may reference our website at for updates and details on these programs.
  • Due to increased vandalism such as graffiti in the tunnels, overnight security has been increased throughout the community at an additional cost.  However, the patrols cannot be in all places at all times and we expect that our common areas will be subjected to increased vandalism as the weather improves.  We will continue to repair vandalism as quickly as possible, but ask all residents to be patient as we cannot always respond immediately.  Please report any vandalism you observe to or 703-729-9704.  If you observe individuals in the process of vandalizing, please call 911 to report to the Sheriff’s department.
  • Routine violation processing has been suspended.  Egregious or health-related violations will continue to be addressed for the health and safety of the community.
  • Resales and PUD Questionnaires will continue to be processed in accordance with state statute.

We continue to monitor recommendations and orders from the CDC, WHO, and Governor of Virginia.  We thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and patience as we all work to flatten the curve and minimize the spread of COVID-19.  Any questions can be directed to or 703-729-9704.


Broadlands Management and the 2019-2020 Board of Directors

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