Wildlife Rehab Certification Training

September 12, 2017 @ 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Nature Center
21907 Claiborne Pkwy
Broadlands, VA 20148
7.00 per person or youth naturalist free
Erin Fairlight

Wildlife Rehab Training

Tuesday September 12th 6:30-8pm at the Nature Center will be our Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Training with Dr Belinda Burwell. $7.00 per person. Youth Naturalist are FREE. Ages 8-88.

We are inundated with injured and lost animals, particularly in the spring, that are brought to the Nature Center. Until now we have redirected you, the members of our community, to the Wildlife Rescue League, (703) 440-0800. But the reality is that rehabilitation centers throughout Virginia are overwhelmed with birds with broken wings, turtles that have wandered from their water source, and run-over but still fighting for life raccoons, foxes, and baby deer. We are creating a league of experts for our community in animal rehabilitation response. You will be the first responders when an animal is lost or injured in our community.

Dr Belinda Burwell of Wildlife Vet Care is coming on September 12 to provide the training for this work. She will provide the emergency response training for animals in need. She will give us the checklists of whether the animal should be returned to the wild, taken to a care provider, or cared for locally. Many of you contact us with care for the animals in our community. This is your chance to learn the skills needed to be a first responder, and to make our community friendlier to all the things that fly, swim, and creep upon the earth.

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