Pools Open

May 27, 2023 all-day

Pool Season Runs May 27-Sep 4

Pool access will be denied for the following reasons:

  1. If you have not registered for virtual pool passes for your household prior to this season, you must do so in order to gain access to our pools. Please follow Steps 1-4 of the online registration process HERE>>
  2. If you have registered your household, BUT have not emailed photos/ID’s to the HOA, please refer to Step 4 HERE>>
  3. If you are a tenant and have not submitted an AOS and copy of your lease, OR your AOS/lease has expired, please submit a new AOS and lease as per instructions HERE>>
  4. If a child has turned 13 and their status is still 12 & under in our system, please email pools@broadlandshoa.com to update their status so they are allowed access without an adult.
  5. If a child has turned 5 and you have not added them to your account and submitted their photo, please email pools@broadlandshoa.com.

If you are unsure of your virtual pool pass status, please email pools@broadlandshoa.com to inquire prior to pool season to avoid entrance issues.

Please visit our pool page where you will find answers to most pool related questions.

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