Nature Center

The Nature Center building is closed to the public.

The Broadlands Nature Center building is where the HOA offices are located. You may visit the outside grounds for leisure. The building is currently closed to the public, however, you may contact staff members by calling 703-729-9704 or emailing should you need assistance.

Nature Center Surveillance System: Camera Policy

Farewell to our furry and scaly resident friends…read more>>

The Nature Center programs and animals have long been a staple of the Broadlands community. While we absolutely loved having the variety of animals for our members to visit, it was in the best interest of the animals to be relocated to new homes. As anyone with a pet at home knows, providing attention, cleaning, and feeding of most animals is a seven day a week responsibility. This is a challenge in an office environment that is generally staffed only on weekdays during normal business hours. We have been lucky over the years to have wonderful volunteers and part-time employees to provide care, but there is an ever-present challenge when there are interruptions in the normal routine due to inclement weather, holidays, vacations, or illness. It has been particularly difficult during pandemic restrictions. The animals we’ve housed over the years were diverse species, all with differing requirements for habitats, care, and feeding regimens. Some produced allergens to visitors, which was a constant source of concern as the HOA offices are visited by residents. With the building closed the last two years, the community has been unable to engage with the animals and animal care coverage presented a greater challenge than ever before. Fortunately, we were able to find homes for a few animals over the past two years so they received proper care. The Nature Center is now showing its age; particularly due to the extra wear and tear on the flooring, carpet, and ventilation systems due to maintaining animals in a building not built for that purpose. As we rapidly approach the need for renovations, we expect the building will be fully vacated for several months while under construction. We are pleased to announce the remaining animals at the Nature Center have all found new appropriate and caring owners. While we will miss our furry and scaly friends, we are happy they have gone on to loving homes that will provide for them for their remaining years. Please join us in bidding them adieu.

CSA Farm Share Deliveries (2021-2022)…read more>>

Day Spring Farm CSA Registration Information:

Day Spring Farm’s CSA is year round and has 2 six-month sessions from May-October and November-April. We deliver on Thursdays at the Nature Center, in the shed to the left of the fire place, on the right-side patio.

We raise everything with organic practices, but only the veggies are certified because of costs involved. Please visit our website at

Flag Retirement Bin at the Nature Center…read more>>

Flag Etiquette – Standards of Respect

“Standing tall as an emblem of justice, perseverance, valor and honor, the American flag is an intricate part of what makes citizens proud to be American.”

Please remember that US flags, no matter where they came from, should always be treated respectfully, never allowing them to touch the ground and be properly disposed of if they become unserviceable. If you need to retire a flag, please contact the HOA office at or 703-729-9704 to arrange a drop off at the Nature Center in the American Legion Post bin located in the lobby. For more details on proper flag etiquette, click HERE>>