Nature Center

Due to COVID-19, the Nature Center building is closed to the public.

At over 5,000 square feet, the Broadlands Nature Center is the highlight of the community. Multiple events are hosted throughout the year including nature programs ran by our Naturalist. It not only houses animals, but is also the HOA staff offices. Stop by to visit our furry and scaly residents. The Nature Center is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm and on the 1st and 3rd Saturday per month from 10am-2pm (No HOA business on Saturdays). Please check the community marquees or call the Nature Center for Saturday dates changes. You can now like the Broadlands Nature Center on Facebook.


Nature Center Surveillance System: Camera Policy

Free Little Library at the Nature Center>>click
free little library

What is a Free Little Library? It is a small model of a building that looks similar to a fancy mailbox or bird house that is used for people in a community to share books with one another. Because we are a Nature Center, our library will feature nature themed books.  Broadlands residents and other Broadlands Nature Center visitors will be able to stop by to donate nature themed books to the library, borrow books and return them, keep them or pass them on. There is no need to officially check out the books. They will also be able to sign the library guest book. If you have any extra field guides or nature books you would like to donate to help us keep it stocked, you can leave them in the box outside the naturalist’s office (next to Sunny the corn snake) in the Nature Center. You can learn more about the Little Free Library movement at

Flag Retirement Bin at the Nature Center >>click

Flag Etiquette – Standards of Respect

“Standing tall as an emblem of justice, perseverance, valor and honor, the American flag is an intricate part of what makes citizens proud to be American.”

Please remember that US flags, no matter where they came from, should always be treated respectfully, never allowing them to touch the ground and be properly disposed of if they become unserviceable. If you need to retire a flag, please contact the HOA office at or 703-729-9704 to arrange a drop off at the Nature Center in the American Legion Post bin located in the lobby. For more details on proper flag etiquette, click HERE>>