Loudoun Linear Parks and Trails HOA Survey

Loudoun County seeks to develop an interconnected, countywide linear parks and trails system. The comprehensive system will provide a variety of functions and benefits, including recreation, alternative transportation, wildlife habitat, water quality protection, flood hazard reduction, aquifer recharge, erosion prevention, property value enhancement, economic development and scenic beauty.
The LPAT plan addresses passive recreation trails, not sidewalks or paved multi-use paths. Paved, multiuse paths and sidewalks are under the direction of the Loudoun County Transportation Plan through the Planning and Zoning Department.
We are reaching out to various stakeholder groups to get feedback on the draft LPAT plan and will be incorporating public feedback into the next draft plan for the county’s review. As such, one of our stakeholder groups are the county’s HOAs and neighborhood groups.  
HOA residents, please review and complete the survey below by June 15th. This survey seeks to gauge community interest and/or concerns with new public trails in or near your neighborhood:
LINK https://wwwd:.surveymonkey.com/r/52JT2C8
Additional information:

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