2022 Assessments & Mailing Address


  • Courtyard Homes (lawn mowing & turf services included) $160.00
  • Town Homes $108.00
  • Park Glen Villas (lawn mowing & turf services included – outside of fenced areas) $126
  • Single Family Homes on VDOT Streets $93.00
  • Single Family Homes on Private Streets $114.00
  • Condos (Signature and Villages) $69.00

Effective immediately, residents who choose to continue paying by paper check, money order, or online bill pay through their bank will be required to remit their payments to the following new mailing address:
Broadlands Association, Inc.
c/o FirstService Residential
P.O. Box 30403, Tampa, FL 33630-3403

The old lockbox will remain open for a short period of time so any payments already made will be forwarded to the new lockbox in Tampa, FL. Please also note that with the Postal Service increasing time‐in‐transit standards by 1 or 2 days for certain First-Class mail that is traveling longer distances, on-time mailing of payments is even more critical to ensure timely processing. We continue to encourage residents to utilize electronic payment processing (direct debit/autopay) through ClickPay as the electronic payment process is more efficient, can be tracked from initialization to deposit, and the association receives the payments quicker than via regular mail.

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