Fallen or Damaged Trees…

Clean-Up from the July 1st Storm…The HOA ONLY uses two companies to clear debris and fallen trees in the common areas: Potomac Tree and HLS. No other tree company is approved to do work for the HOA!! We ask for your patience as this process may take a few weeks for non-emergency related areas to be cleared. You may report downed or damaged trees to info@broadlandshoa.com, however, please be sure that they are actually from the common areas owned by Broadlands. Please refer to your property plat (see example) if you are uncertain.

Have a Fallen or Damaged Tree on Your Property? If removal is necessary, you are required to submit a modification application, however, you may proceed with the removal prior to approval from the HOA. You are required to take a photo of the tree to submit with your application and grind the tree stump below ground level. Please contact rcrews@broadlandshoa.com for modification questions.

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