Tree Removal NOT Permitted Without HOA Approval

Residents Must Apply with the Modification Subcommittee Before Starting Project….The HOA does NOT endorse or pre-approve any company for executing any type of service hired by residents. Approval is required to remove any tree, either dead or alive, whose trunk measures 4” or more in diameter when measured at the height of 4’ from the ground. Please read: Tree Removal Guideline Details>>

Common Area Trees and Wetlands: Residents can cut back overhanging branches up to their property line if branches are encroaching into their property creating an issues with the sides of the home or fencing. Remains cannot be thrown into the common area or wetlands area. Residents are not permitted to cut down any trees in the common area. Wetlands are preserved areas and should never be touched by residents. This includes clearing underbrush in these protected areas.

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