Tot Lot Upgrades – Resident Feedback Accepted through July 31st

Broadlands owns 17 playgrounds throughout the community, offering a wide variety of play structures for residents ages two to twelve years old.  These structures are replaced on a rotating basis based on age, wear and tear, hazards, and reserve fund availability.  Many factors are taken into consideration when proposing upgrades, including the size and layout of the space and all accessibility requirements that must be followed, funds allocated for the upgrade, and a desire to provide diverse equipment within the community.  We plan to upgrade three tot lots in 2022.  The design plans are included below for resident review and input.  Please provide any questions or feedback by July 31, 2022 via phone at 703-520-9905 or email

Proposed Tot Lot Renderings and Specs:

Description of Upgrades & Map of Locations:

  • Area 1 – Overland Park (Near 21447 Overland Park Drive)
    • ages 5-12, structure with net climber, wall climber and Viper Slide
  • Area 2 – Meander Crossing (also known as Cottontail Corner – off path behind 42847 & 42835 Meander Crossing)
    • ages 5-12, structure with 2 viper slides, tree branch climber, wall climber, 3 in a row panel, crazy maze panel. Net climber for smaller age group
  • Area 3 – Wingfoot Drive (also known as Beaverdam Woods – off trail behind 21804 Wingfoot Court)
    • ages 5-12, structure with 2 viper slides, cyclone spinner, twist net climber, Arch climber

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