Dog Wash Walk-Thru Event

dog wash walk-thru

Kickoff your summer with a unique socialization and bonding experience for you and your furry friend at the dog wash walk-thru on Saturday, June 5: 8:00-11:00am at the Summerbrooke Pool (rain date June 6th). There will be walk-thru washing stations to get your canine’s coat clean and shiny. A15-minute time slot will be allocated for each canine. Time slots are limited.


2021 Annual Meeting Notice…Owners’ Votes Needed!

ANNUAL MEETING – The 2021 Annual Meeting of the members of Broadlands Association, Inc. will be held virtually on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 7:00pm. You may log in as early as 6:45pm. Details on how to attend can be found at the following link:

Purpose of this Meeting: You will be voting for up to four (4) candidates to fill the open positions on the Board of Directors. The three (3) candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast by the members voting will be elected to a three-year term to end in May of 2024. The candidate receiving the fourth highest number of votes will be elected to a two-year term to end in May of 2023. In the event of a tie vote between candidates for the final position, the tying candidates may concede to one another, agree to allow for a flip of the coin to determine the outcome, or if neither of these is agreed to by all parties involved, a Run-Off Election will need to be held.

VOTING DETAILSOWNERS’ VOTES ARE VITAL FOR A QUORUM TO BE REACHED! Please cast your vote by 5:00pm on May 3rd using the instructions below.

Please log onto with your unique username and password (provided to you in the official mailing and via email from for those previously registered) to submit your proxy if you are unable to attend the meeting in person. You may elect to use your proxy for quorum purposes only or you may cast votes for us to four candidates. If you need assistance locating your username and password, have any questions about voting process, or have any issues accessing the TIEiVOTE™ system, please contact The Inspectors of Election directly at 888-211-5332 or email

Pour Paint Party – Few Spots Left!

This fun paint event will take place outside on the Nature Center back lawn on May 1st from 2:00pm- 4:00pm with a rain date of May 2nd, same time, same place. At this event, you will create two projects, a 4”x4” tile and an 8”x10” canvas. All materials are provided including a canvas, aprons, gloves, and all of the painting materials needed for you to make a beautiful piece of art. You will also receive a tile so that you can practice on that piece, leaving with two pieces of art.

Tree Removal NOT Permitted Without HOA Approval

Residents Must Apply with the Modification Subcommittee Before Starting Project….The HOA does NOT endorse or pre-approve any company for executing any type of service hired by residents. Approval is required to remove any tree, either dead or alive, whose trunk measures 4” or more in diameter when measured at the height of 4’ from the ground. Please read: Tree Removal Guideline Details>>

Common Area Trees and Wetlands: Residents can cut back overhanging branches up to their property line if branches are encroaching into their property creating an issues with the sides of the home or fencing. Remains cannot be thrown into the common area or wetlands area. Residents are not permitted to cut down any trees in the common area. Wetlands are preserved areas and should never be touched by residents. This includes clearing underbrush in these protected areas.

Vulture Notice to the Community

UPDATE 3.12.21: Residents Help Needed to Deter Vulture Roosting...Broadlands recently contracted with the USDA to disperse a community of hundreds of vultures who had been roosting on trees and rooftops.  Their efforts included pyrotechnics and effigies and were immediately effective in sending hundreds of vultures out of Broadlands.  However, for the vulture roost dispersal to be effective long term, the vultures will need to be continually harassed if they try to roost in the area again.  While it is not uncommon or problematic to see a few vultures circling in the sky or sitting in trees scouting out food during the day, it is the overnight roosting that is destructive and needs to be deterred.  If you see vultures landing in trees or on homes in the evening as dusk approaches, we encourage you to assist in the disbursement efforts:

UPDATE 3.2.21: Vulture deterrents commenced on March 1st.

The USDA is tracking the birds, but the number of birds and the size of Broadlands means they could relocate to a new hiding spot that the trackers do not see. If you notice vultures roosting in Broadlands, please email or call 703-520-9905 with their location.

UPDATE 2.26.21: Broadlands Association is aware of the advantages vultures provide and has published information for residents about their positive impact on the local ecosystem.

After numerous complaints from residents and local businesses – and in cooperation with LCPS – Broadlands Association consulted with USDA-APHIS. After consideration of the number of birds and the amount of time present, they recommend remediation to protect the health and safety of our residents. The goal of the wildlife specialists at APHIS is to non-lethally deter the birds from roosting in residential areas where they can cause property damage and health concerns, but also to drive them to uninhabited woodlands or open farmland where they can safely roost away from potential hazards in residential areas. 

NOTICE: 2.24.21: Vulture Remediation Initiative

Broadlands Association and LCPS have contracted with the USDA to address the vulture population in the Broadlands area. To deter the vultures, the USDA will perform dispersal tactics beginning Monday, March 1st, which may continue through Sunday, March 7th, if necessary. It is important to read the following notice about this remediation process and understand that some tactics used may set off unexpected noises: Vulture Notice>>>

Loudoun Seeks Public Input on Proposed Bus Routes to Metrorail Silver Line Stations

Submit comments by March 26th! from the public regarding the proposed Silver Line Bus Routes may be submitted using our online form at, by email or postal mail. All comments received by March 26, 2021, will be included in the process to finalize the route.

Members of the public have an opportunity to shape future routes and schedules for Loudoun County Transit’s Metro Connection Bus service. The proposed Metro Connection Bus Routes to Metrorail Silver Line stations will go into effect when the Ashburn and Loudoun Gateway Metrorail Stations open in Loudoun County, currently estimated for summer 2021.

Details, Map and Flyer>>

Overview on how to attend online public meeting on February 25, 6:00pm-7:30pm to ask questions, provide input and learn more about the proposed routes: