Tillett’s View Update from Supervisor Glass

At the Board of Supervisors Business Meeting on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, I moved to reconsider the Tillett’s View land use application that was denied at last week’s Public Hearing and send the application to the May 15th Public Hearing for final action.  Reconsideration of any vote taken at a Board meeting/hearing is allowed at the next business meeting per the Board’s Rules of Order (Page 8:  https://lfportal.loudoun.gov/LFPortalInternet/0/edoc/439512/Current%20Rules%20of%20Order.pdf).  This means that the application is no longer denied, but is still in the public review process.  I moved to reconsider the Tillett’s View application because after the denial of the application last week, the applicant came to me with changes that address the outstanding concerns I had.  The applicant has stated that they will reduce the unit count by 40 units, by removing the remaining 2-over-2 condos and replacing them with 16-foot-wide townhouse units.  This would reduce the total unit county to 357 units, or 7.2 units per acre, a 10% reduction from the previous 397 units.  This would mean the application proposes 254 townhouse units and 103 single family units on the 49.6-acre Tillett’s site.

Additionally, I will make a motion to review whether the intersection of Waxpool Road and Belmont Ridge Road should be closed in the county’s transportation plan (Loudoun.gov/CTP) as part of the five-year update that the Board of Supervisors is already undertaking.  I have discussed incorporation of the intersection closure with the Tillett’s View applicant and am working to have those changes made before the May Public Hearing as well.  Should the closure of that intersection be supported by the transportation review, a traffic signal will also be studied for the intersection of Black Angus Drive and Belmont Ridge Road.  The closure of the Waxpool Road and Belmont Ridge Road intersection would address concerns I heard from residents about speeding and cut through traffic on Waxpool Road and solve concerns I have with turning movements at the Waxpool Road and Belmont Ridge Road intersection.

I will continue to work with the developer until this application returns at the May 15th Public Hearing.  I would like to state the if the applicant does not amend the application as we have discussed, then we will have a different conversation in May.  Housing is needed in Loudoun County and in the Broad Run District, as prices have skyrocketed, partially due to a shortage of supply.  I ran for office with one of my main tenants being to approve more housing, specifically attainable housing, in Loudoun County.  I believe the discussed changes to the Tillett’s View application will make it both an acceptable density for the area while addressing concerns that remained.


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Tillett’s View Land Use Application Public Hearing – March 13, 2024

Provided is an overview and update on the Tillett’s View land use application (LEGI-2023-0031) that is currently in the public review process. The application will appear at the March 13th Board of Supervisors’ Public Hearing for a final vote of approval or denial. The Public Hearing will take place at 6:00pm at the Loudoun County Government Center (1 Harrison Street SE, Leesburg). Comments can be made over the phone or in person.  To sign up to speak at the Public Hearing, view the agenda, or watch the public hearing, visit: Loudoun.gov/Meetings.

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Snow Removal Info & Guidelines

As we prepare for potential snowy conditions this winter season, we want to provide the following helpful guidelines and information regarding snow removal:

  1. BROADLANDS STREET LIST – This is a comprehensive list of all streets in our community and identifies who is responsible for their maintenance (VDOT, HOA or DEV). The HOA does not plow or maintain VDOT streets. Should you have concerns regarding snow removal or street repairs, please review the above list to see who maintains your street and use the following contacts to inquire: