Design Guidelines (Modifications)

STOP! Are you planning on adding or making any changes to the exterior of your home or property? Changes, additions and improvements need approval, whether they physically touch your home or not!

Before making any modification change, addition or improvement to the exterior of your home, an application is required for the Modifications Subcommittee to review. If in doubt an application is needed, please contact Robin Crews, Modifications/Resale Manager at for any questions. For the full process on how to submit a modification for approval, please visit our website at:

The Declarations for Broadlands Association Article 7, Section 7.5 (a) – Additions, Alterations, or Improvements by the Owners Subsection – Approval requires that “No person shall make any addition, alteration, or improvement in or to any Lot or any portion of the Property (other than for normal upkeep or natural landscaping and not because of the transparency of glass doors, walls, or windows) which is visible from the exterior of the Lot or such portion of the Property, without the prior written consent of the Covenants Committee.”

Damaged Trees Due to Winter Storm

Potomac Trees is on property working as quickly as possible to assess and remove damaged trees in the common areas. If you need to report a fallen/leaning tree that stems from the common area, please contact 703-729-9704 or and provide location and pictures if possible. The HOA is not responsible to remove damaged trees from resident properties. If you have an emergency situation, please proceed with tree removal, however, you will need to submit an application, after the fact, to the HOA Modification Subcommittee. Please note that stumps are required to be removed below ground level when the weather permits and replacements may be required depending on their location.

Snow Removal Guidelines

Both Virginia and Loudoun County Codes require that the occupant – whether an owner or a tenant – remove all snow and ice from any walkway adjoining any part of their property within 6 hours after the snowfall has ceased. If the snow or ice fell during the night, it must be removed by noon the following day. Should the storm occur on Sunday, the accumulation must be removed by Noon on Monday. Failure to comply with the Code can result in a fine of: $250.00 imposed by the county. Complaints should be reported to the County Department of Building and Development, (703) 777-0635. Please be a good neighbor and a good citizen. Clear your walkways and keep Broadlands a safe environment for all our residents. If you know someone physically unable to keep their walkway clear, please consider giving them a helping hand.

Please review full details on Snow Removal Guidelines and FAQs

New 2021 Assessments

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The assessments have increased for 2021. All budgetary accounts are adjusted for inflation and based on historical precedent. As done every year, the Board of Directors and Management work diligently to control expenses and generate income to keep assessments as low as possible, while continuing to provide quality services and amenities to the community. While many budget line items were maintained at 2020 levels, we have a significant decrease in revenue from sources other than assessments. The Board offset a projected $100,838 budget deficit with prior year members’ equity, but an increase in assessments is necessary to meet budgeted expenses for the Association. Therefore, the Board of Directors approved a $3.00 monthly increase in the general assessment, which all homeowners pay to cover common expenses. The Board also approved a $1.00 monthly increase for town homes due to increases in the trash service contract and private road maintenance, and a $1.00 monthly increase in the courtyard homes due to increases in landscape services.

Prior to the January 1, 2021 payment deadline, please review your payment system to be sure it reflects the correct amount in order to avoid late fees. Assessment coupons will be mailed to all owners at the address on file with FirstService Residential. If you have not received your coupons by December 15, 2020, please contact the FSR Customer Care Call Center at 866-433-3187 or by email at  If you participate in ClickPay recurring payment (Auto Pay) through FirstService Residential, you will NOT receive a coupon booklet, and the new assessments will be automatically deducted from your account.

Courtyard Homes (lawn mowing & turf services included)$151.00
Town Homes$98.00
Park Glen Villas (lawn mowing & turf services included – outside of fenced areas)$116.00
Single Family Homes on VDOT Streets$84.00
Single Family Homes on Private Streets$105.00
*Condos (Signature and Villages)$63.00
Are you paying the correct assessment amount each month? You can check your account online or contact First Service Residential (FSR) at 703-677-5987 or by email *FSR does not manage condos, please contact appropriate management company for inquiries.