2019 Potions Class Series

November 9, 2019 @ 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Nature Center
21907 Claiborne Pkwy
Broadlands, VA 20148
Erin Fairlight

Thanks to the crowds that have come to our potion’s events for the last 4 years, we are beginning a monthly potion (herbal preparations) series for the entire year of 2019. This will allow us to focus on specific herbs for specific needs: digestion support, sleep aids, stress reducers, emotional balance, immune-support, two outings gathering and preparing our herbs that grow here in our own backyard, and two fun potions classes where we will make gifts toward the end of the year.

Individual classes $20 each.To register, scroll down to select either select class.

A Closer Look of What Will Be Concocted Each Month:

  • January 26 (rescheduled date!): DIGESTION
  • February 2nd: HEART SUPPORT
  • April 6th: CLEANING: Even a bachelor like Snape must do spring cleaning. Herbs for the Home for those of you muggles lacking a working wand to zap it squeaky clean
  • May: No Potions Class
  • June 1st: Wild Herb Foraging and Preparations: for Spring/Summer (for when you get stuck in the forest hunting down the unicorn blood suckers)
  • July: No Potions Class
  • August 3rd: Meals as Medicine and Immunity Boosting: aka Potions to sneak into folks who think potions are fun to make but ne’er to enter their mouths. (This month will feature what herbalists call “Adaptogens”)
  • September 7th: Wild Herb Foraging and Preparations Summer/Fall for when you go searching for Grawp with Hagrid
  • October 5th: Our yearly Come in Costume if you Dare! Harry Potter Themed Potions
  • November 9th (NEW DATE & TIME CHANGE:  Noon-1:30pm): This is a set of potions Snape never mastered…Herbal options for Emotional Lows
  • December 7th: Snape’s bizarre secret passion…making herbal gifts for the holidays 

Disclaimer:   The potions classes are meant to provide knowledge of what is available in plant formulas that may be beneficial to your health. The potions created have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. As with all things you use on or in your body, be conscious of any sensitivities you might have to certain plants. If you are taking medication, please check with your practitioner in the unlikely event that our potions interfere with your treatment plan.

Potion Classes by Month

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