Traffic Calming Community Meeting/Proposed Speed Humps

November 10, 2022 @ 7:00 PM
Eagle Ridge Middle School
42901 Waxpool Rd
VA 20148

Following resident concerns regarding speeding on neighborhood roads, the Broadlands Board of Directors submitted a request to Loudoun County Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) to perform traffic calming studies on certain roads where speeding had been reported. To qualify for such the engineering study, a road must meet eligibility requirements as follows: it must be a VDOT owned and maintained road; it must be a neighborhood street where residents connect to roadway via driveways; and it must have a posted speed limit of 25MPH or less. The roads that qualified were Chickacoan Trail Drive, Demott Drive, Glebe View Drive, Ridgeway Drive, and Village Drive. The studies were performed in September 2021. DTCI placed traffic monitoring devices in selected areas and monitored traffic volumes and speed over a 48-hour period. A roadway qualifies for traffic calming measures if is meets the following measures: traffic volumes between 600 and 4,000 vehicles per day; 85th percentile observed speed must be 10MPH or more than the posted speed limit. Portions of Chickacoan Trail Drive, Demott Drive, Glebe View Drive, and Ridgeway Drive qualified, but Village Drive did not.

Following their study, DTCI developed a conceptual plan that recommends the installation of speed humps in specific locations on each of the qualifying roadways. The affected homes are broken down into sections based on frequent travel routes and proximity to the proposed humps. Speed humps cannot be installed on inclines and cannot be installed near storm drains. The installation of speed humps will require more than 50% of the affected homes in each of the areas to vote in favor. DTCI will create a ballot that will be mailed to each of the affected homes and there is a 30-day window in which the surveys can be returned, currently scheduled for November 16 through December 16. If there is less than 50% support from the residents in the area, the speed humps cannot be installed. Please review the following documentation which includes maps and affected street addresses.

Volunteers within the community will be going door to door to educate residents on the process and encourage them to respond to the survey when it is sent. Please join us on the 10th to learn about these proposed speed humps.

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