Fallen or Damaged Trees…

Clean-Up from the July 1st Storm…The HOA ONLY uses two companies to clear debris and fallen trees in the common areas: Potomac Tree and HLS. No other tree company is approved to do work for the HOA!! We ask for your patience as this process may take a few weeks for non-emergency related areas to be cleared. You may report downed or damaged trees to info@broadlandshoa.com, however, please be sure that they are actually from the common areas owned by Broadlands. Please refer to your property plat (see example) if you are uncertain.

Have a Fallen or Damaged Tree on Your Property? If removal is necessary, you are required to submit a modification application, however, you may proceed with the removal prior to approval from the HOA. You are required to take a photo of the tree to submit with your application and grind the tree stump below ground level. Please contact rcrews@broadlandshoa.com for modification questions.

Blasting Begins in Section 23

Van Metre has begun blasting Section 23 (Truro Parish near Belmont Ridge Road.) Right now the blasting is anticipated to take about 30 days.  Typically the blasts take place every few days.  This is dependent on how much rock we run into, the weather, etc.   The blaster tries to schedule the blasts in the afternoon between 2 and 3 o’clock.  If there is weather moving in the area, they try to move the blast time up in the day.  

Due to the formation of the rock ridges – some homes that are located along the same ridge do feel the blasts more intensely than others.  

Questions? .Please contact Van Metre at 703-348-5824.