Asphalt Rejuvenation Work this Fall

ASPHALT REJUVENATION PROJECT: Tri Technologies will perform asphalt rejuvenation in our community. This work will require the cooperation of all property owners and residents. Work will be done in phases according to the schedule below. This work will require streets to be closed, therefore your cooperation is important as vehicles will need to be relocated if they are parked on the street or if you will need to use them. Signs will be placed to remind residents of upcoming work, however, please pay close attention to the updates provided on our website as poor weather conditions can cause delays. 

Residents who live in the areas below should review the applicable map to prepare and plan accordingly per the instructions in the asphalt notice. No parking in fire lanes, within 15 feet of a hydrant or 20 feet of an intersection, blocking driveways or mailboxes. Cars towed will most likely be relocated to one of our facilities: Nature Center, Southern Walk or Summerbrooke pool lots.
The HOA uses Battlefield Towing (703-378-0059).

Final Week of November 2nd – November 4th
Cars must be moved by 7:00am on day of work!


  • Southern Walk AreaMap 2 (phases B) – (Nov 2-3) new date
    • affects portions/all of Avonworth, Coulwood, Dilworth
  • Broadlands StationMap 9 (phases B) – (Nov 2-3) new date
    • affects portions/all of Harroun, Mears, Rickenbacker
  • HOA Facilities – (Nov 2-4)
    • Community Center & Pool Parking lot – (Nov 2-3)
    • Stone House Parking Lot & Road (Kindercare access) – (Nov 3-4) new date
    • Southern Walk Pool Parking Lot – (Nov 3-4) new date

Week of October 23rd – October 28th:

No parking in fire lanes, within 15 feet of a hydrant or 20 feet of an intersection, blocking driveways or mailboxes.

  • Overland Park SectionMap 4 (phases C, D & E)
    • (Oct 23-24) – phase C – affects portions/all of Atherton, Darby, Humbolt, Inman Park, Kisko, Markham, Overland Park
    • (Oct 25-26) – phase D – affects portions Ardmore, Fullerton, Markham, Merion, Overland Park
    • (Oct 27-28) – phase E – affects portion of Fullerton near front entrance
  • Southern Walk AreaMap 2 (phases B, C & D)
    • (Oct 23-24) – phase C – affects portions/all of Avonworth, Kennerly, Marburg
    • (Oct 25-26) – phase D – affects Park Brooke and Stonestile
    • (Nov 2-3) new date – phase B – affects portions/all of Avonworth, Coulwood, Dilworth
  • Thornblade (east) – (Oct 23-24) – Map 6 (phase C)
  • Park Glen Villas Map 8 (phases A & B)
    • (Oct 23-24) – phase A – affects Gardenwall & Stillwater (west)
    • (Oct 25-26) – phase B – affects Millwick, Stillwater (east)
  • Bankbarn – (Oct 25-26) – Map 7 (phase D)
  • Broadlands StationMap 9 (phases A, B & C)
    • (Oct 27-28) – phase A – affects portions/all of Foyt, Mears, Novi, Rickenbacker
    • (Oct 27-28) – phase C – Pagoda
    • (Nov 2-3) new date – phase B – affects portions/all of Harroun, Mears, Rickenbacker

Week of October 16th – October 21st:

  • **OCT 20TH WEATHER UPDATE**: Today’s rainfall may affect the drying time of the rejuvenated roads which include phase B of Thornblade Cir and Overland Park area roads. If the product does not dry entirely, it may be tracked onto driveways. The roads will be checked tomorrow, and if necessary, will remain closed until Sunday. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding that our goal is to prevent damage to your property.
  • **RESCHEDULED**: On Oct 18-19 (Wed/Thu), the following roads will be closed down to complete rejuvenation:
    • Shady Wood Terr Map 3 (phase B) – On Oct 16, the areas that were already rejuvenated will be striped and opened back up until Wednesday morning when the remaining portion will be done.
    • Sundance Map 5 (phase B)
    • Entrance at Hunters Green/Claiborne Map 3 (phase B). On Oct 16, the portion of Hunters Green Sq in front of Falling Rock Terr will be done so that residents on Falling Rock Terr will be able to enter/exit using the Vestals Gap entrance.
      As a reminder, trash/recycling will most likely be impacted. We understand that this is very inconvenient to have these roads close again. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • Summerbrooke Pool (Oct 16-17)
  • Demott townhomes (Oct 16-17) – Map 3 (phase C)
  • Sundial, Bexley (Oct 16-17) – Map 5 (phase A)
  • Broadlands Station (Oct 18-19) – Map 9 (phase D)
  • Overland Park Section ((A) Oct 18-19 & (B)Oct 20-21) – Map 4 (phase A & B)
  • Southern Walk area (Avonworth (north), Pallan, Sunstone) (Oct 18-19) – Map 2 (phase A)
  • Thornblade west (Oct 20-21) – Map 6 (phase B)

Week of October 11th – October 14th:

  • Demott townhomeMap 3 (phase A & B)
    • Update Oct 16 – Striping that was scheduled for Sat Oct 14 will be done today. Once dry, the roads will reopen today.
  • Community Center & Stone House parking lots
    • **POSTPONED** due to mechanical issues. Once a new date is scheduled, we will post it here, in the Blast, on FB and our mobile app. The road has been reopened.

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